Carbonkleen products.

Below you will find a brief description of the several products we have to help you with you cleaning chores.

We will be adding a lot more products in the next few weeks.


Carbon kleen products will help you to keep your appliances and cooking utensils in top condition. It will remove any cooked or baked on carbon product from any surface. The best way is to apply the product liberally to the area you need to clean and just let it sit for awhile.

The less you touch it the better it works. Just let the product do the working for you.

The areas where you can use the products are mostly utensils, stove tops and hoods. We have a product for almost any cleaning job you have. It works evenly as good in kitchen areas as other areas that have problems with carbon buildup.

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Carbonkleen is the most common product.  It will work on most any surface.

Frykleen is mostly for cooking equipment, such as popcorn kettles and conveyor belts. It works best when you follow the individual instructions.

Hoodkleen is as the name says mostly for hoods and walls around cooking equipment.  It will work best cold.

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